E-Z Pass Charging $1 to Send Email?

Oh, and there is also a separate $1 monthly service fee.

Photo: MPD01605 via Flickr

E-Z Pass users, check the terms and conditions carefully. Apparently they are starting to charge users an extra dollar. It’s not a lot of money but still, why pay extra when you don’t have to.

Under the “Schedule of Deposits/Fees” section note that there is a $1 monthly service charge that has been in effect since 2003. There is also a $1 fee for costumers to have their monthly statements sent to them in the mail or email.

One reddit user noticed this and it caught him off guard. In his post, they show there is an option to have the bills emailed bi-monthly for free OR get the monthly mailing or email for $1.

Regardless if this was a policy before or not, the fact they want to charge $1 to send an email is ridiculous. The extra dollar for the mail is kind of understandable, but to press a “send” button definitely isn’t.