Chris Hemsworth Picks Up Hitchhiker

Photo: Landmark / PR Photos

Over the weekend Chris Hemsworth had some downtime and wanted to spend his time hitting the waves. While him and his friend, Luke Zocchi, were on their way to the beach, they spotted a hitchhiker. Naturally they pulled over and the hitchhiker jumped right in. Turns out the guy was heading to the surfing mecca of Byron Bay, the same place Hemsworth and his friend were heading.

The hitchhiker, Scott, traveled all the way from Mexico and seemed super shocked and excited when he got picked up by Thor. “No way!” he repeated multiple times throughout the video. This was before he know they were taking him on a helicopter ride.

“Alright Scotty, back to the hitchhiking,” Chris Hemsworth ended with.

The actor captured the whole thing on camera and shared the video on instagram.