Burlington County Man Slashes Tires, Scratches Cars & Leaves Notes For Neighbors To Clean Up Property

A man in Burlington County is so fed up with the appearance of his neighbor’s property, that he started taking it into his own hands.

The unidentified man has been vandalizing cars at night and leaving notes telling the owners to clean up their act.
According to the Westampton Township police, the guy used a razor to scratch cars and slash tires.

One of the victims caught the man in the act on their home surveillance video. On Monday, May 6, the police shared the video of the man leaving the notes and wrecking the car at 4:20 am.

Lt. Brian Ferguson said they believe the man lives in the Holly Hills section of town since the vandalism has been limited to there only. There have been about 5 other incidents recently with similar vandalism.

So far, the man has not been identified.