America’s Favorite Drunk Snacks

After a few drinks, we’re always looking for a yummy snack. Hello, take out!

A OnePoll survey found that 82% of American’s are drunk snackers. No surprise here that the top snack people chose was pizza.


Then the morning comes, after scarfing down that entire bag of chips or tub of cookie dough, and you regret it all. You’re not alone friends since more than half regret it too.

Top 5 Favorite Snacks

  • Pizza: 66%
  • Chips & Dip: 58%
  • French Fries: 54%
  • Nachos: 49%
  • Tacos: 44%

America’s most impressive drunk snacks

  • 3.3lbs of bacon
  • 14 tacos
  • 50-piece nuggets
  • 5 family-size bags of chips
  • 2 whole pizzas