Amber Rose Lets Her 5 Year Old Son Curse

Good or bad parenting?

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Parenting styles differ but most parents would agree that cursing is never good. Amber Rose on the other hand allows her 5 year old son to use swear words.

“I let my son curse in the house because it’ss a form of expression,” Rose shared with Us Weekly. “I tell him when it’s appropriate and not to say it at school. That’s it.”

That’s it? She said that like it’s no biggie. It’s sooo normal for a child to speak in profanity without being reprimanded.

Amber Rose does have one rule when it comes to cursing. She doesn’t allow her son to use the N-word, which he picked up from his rapper father, Wiz Khalifa. “I tell him, I’d rather you say f**k,” she said.

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose filed for divorce in 2014 and co-part their son Sebastian.