99% of Women Hate Men Wearing Speedos

Does anyone like them?

Photo: Alan Light/Flickr

Ever encounter a man on the beach wearing an extremely tight speedo and find yourself uncomfortably staring? Then you ask yourself, “what is he thinking?”


Well, It looks like women don’t like it when their partners wearing tiny, tight bathing suits. On the Beach, a U.K. based beach vacation specialist, surveyed 1000 people and found that 99% of the women would rather NOT see their man in a Speedo.

Also, YouGov found out that Speedos are the most hated piece of clothing in the U.K. They even beat out Crocs and those are u.g.l.y.

As a women with a boyfriend, I can 100% say I do not want him walking out of the house in something that tight. I’d feel uncomfortable for him.

Keep the trunks on hunny.