­Idris Elba Doll Going For $1,100, But Doesn’t Look Like Him

Idris, is that you?

Photo: Away! / PR Photos

The “Sexiest Man Alive”, Idris Elba, was made into a doll. This glorified action figure is selling for $1,100 by the British company Emperis. It is 17 inches tall, has moveable joints, a sleek physique, and a fashionable ensemble of a suit jacket, vest, and jeans.

The catch … it looks NOTHING like Idris Elba!

The doll is bald, which Elba isn’t AND it doesn’t show his muscular physique. Let’s not get started on the face… it doesn’t resemble the actor what so ever.

Now the internet is trying to figure out who the doll actually looks like.

Montel Williams?

Photo Credit: Michael Sherer / PRPhotos.com

Romany Malco?

Photo Credit: Debby Wong / PR Photos

Looks like Idris Elba jumped in and it seems that the actor thinks his doll does look like Montel Williams.

Even though the doll looks nothing like Idris Elba, the doll has either sold out or been removed from Emperis’ site.